Olympic Stadium visit – Roof,facade & bowl

A quick visit on the the site(Olympic Stadium transformation) on last Friday.Was very exciting, especially when you are on and under the roof. The scale of the structure is breath taking, no doubt about it. I had a chance to take a closer look at it with a professional explanation from site architects about major and most important key elements  during that job. It is still a work in progress. When it will end , the stadium will have one of the biggest roofs in the world of sports objects(if not the biggest one:)).

OL - 03

A cable structure, closer to the main lighting fixtures(arrangement of a light is adjusted and designed for particular type of games).

OL - 04

Me – just before entering to the stadium.

OL -02

On the Roof. Beautiful City of London panorama with a roof structure in the first plan(on the left – Canary Wharf, on the right The City).

OL - 01

View of one of the vomitoriums and terracing units form a roof level (not an usual way of looking at it :)). Precast concrete looks really impressive.

It was really spectacular and unique experience – learned a lot. Now I have a wider, almost a full picture of detail needed to be provided in a BIM system(have to find appropriate place for them in hole scope of deliverables).

Alchemy of Dynamo Begins – “PLC Nodes”

I started to work on particular sets of nodes in Dynamo. The aim is to produce a set of blocks for better document controlling in a full Project Life Cycle.
I have done a Mind Map reflecting whole PLC according to Data Deliverables.RBS - MappingActually it is the very last phase of that process – collaboration between Revit elements and properties with Excel schedulling.

RBs - 006RBs - 000 - Revit ElementsRBs - ScheduleRBs - Dynamo Sequence

BIM Managing in Dynamo = Transparent Management

Right now i’m during a process of making Dynamo plugin  as a Main BIM Platform. The core is still Revit, however all aspects from BIM Environment are going to be covered on Dynamo canvas. Few custom nodes are obviously needed and a lot of python scripting but it is worthy the effort, I think. At the moment I am able to control 90% of a hole design process  with very complex project.

Dynamo System

BIMShow Live 2015 – Succeed!

That was something! Fantastic Show Still thinking about amount of people I met in Manchester on that great event(some old friends too)! Presentation went smoothly. At the beginning I was little nervous, but after few words it just vanished. I’ve managed to talk a little bit about bowl design pendulum, which is :

  • C value Mapping,
  • Restricted Views Mapping,
  • Controlling Egress schemes,
  • Seat Distribution,
  • Focus line, Structural Grids & Vomitoriums
  • and finally Bowl & Sightlines Section Generator

01 02


Nathan is the Hero!

Thanks to a Rhynamo’s Dll, creating bridge between Rhino and Revit is possible, easy and very simple. Please see an example below.

From thousands of lines generated in Rhino & Grasshopper I was able to create some kind of substructure for facade panels in a blink of an eye. Advantages are obvious – pure and clear production phase without remodelling any of item.

Thank you Nathan!

Rhino Lines to Revit Object - 01 Rhino Lines to Revit Object - 02 Rhino Lines to Revit Object - 03

Spiral Out



A simple spiral form created in Dynamo for Revit. The tool allows a flexible connection between designer thoughts and Revit capabilities in terms of object parametrization.
The latest release is briefly saying: great. Gentle exchange inside the syntax only improve the way of working with that plugin. Revit itself is a fantastic tool in general, but with Dynamo it just do not give a chance to competition.

Spiral 01